The Wizard Of Oz Monopoly Game

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  • wizard of oz collectors edition monopoly

Genre: money

Details: Follow the Yellow Brick Road with Dorothy and friends, but instead of heading to the Emerald City, roll the ruby red dice, pass Go, and collect another $200. This clever collector's edition of Monopoly features full-color photos from the beloved movie on the box and game board, with a wealth of Wizard of Oz references replacing the familiar basics of the traditional game board. (The essential rules of the game remain the same.) Instead of green houses and red hotels, there are little gray farmhouses and emerald green palaces, and the properties around the board are all locations in Kansas, Munchkinland, or Oz. The game tokens are tiny pewter icons of the movie characters, a tornado, and the famous ruby slippers. The Chance and Community Chest cards are replaced by Good Witch and Bad Witch cards containing appropriate directions. ("You have been elected Mayor of Munchkinland!") Fans of Dorothy and friends will surrender to this game with joy and will most likely find it even more entertaining than the original Monopoly. --Marcie Bovetz, mother and former children's librarian

UPC: 700304000422

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Brand: Parker Brothers

The Wizard Of Oz Monopoly Game
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