Raphael Watercolor Quill Mop brush size 3

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  • Handcrafted since the 18th century
  • Holds an incredible amount of water
  • Creates large and flawless washes
  • Kazan squirrel French mop
  • Genuine hand-tied quill ferrule

Details: This handsome wash brush was traditionally used by the Impressionists. It is made from the sofest pure blue squirrel hair set in a goose quill ferrule with brass wire fastening. The blue-black hair has cool highlights that originate from the Russian Sacamena squirrel. Blue squirrel hair is renowned as the finest and softest squirrel hair, ideal for watercolor. The hair is so absorbent that a very large area can be covered at one time. It comes to an excellent point when wet. Fabulous for watercolor washes and silk painting, it is simply the best quill mop brush on the market.

EAN: 3046450044253

Brand: Raphael

Raphael Watercolor Quill Mop brush size 3
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