Obama Monopoly Obamanopoly Limited Collectors 1st Edition"Let's Make America Great Again"

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  • Made in the U. S. A. - A portion of the proceeds are donated to the Wounded Warrior Project, It's not just a Game, It's a Free Market Adventure!
  • It has more Political Arm Twisting, than Bluto trying to wrestle a can of Spinach away from Popeye!
  • Truly a Collectors Item!
  • A Time Capsule of Obama Lies and Deceptions!
  • Only 1,000 1st edition games produced & less than 25 left ! Have your "Bon Voyage" Obama Party with Your Very Own !

Genre: Entertainment

Details: Make America Great Again! The Left treats it like Vinegar, but the Right swears it's pure Honey because of how well it exposes the miserably failed policies known as Obamanomics, (Hence the name Obamanomics-Opoly) and it shows how Free Market Capitalism built America, (Yea, we built that) not the Government lies of redistribution and spread the wealth around, and does it in a way that's fun and easy to understand! It exposes all the the dysfunctional Political Issues that Obama used when he began to Fundamentally transform America.Issues like, Acorn Scandals, Cash for Clunkers, GSA junkets to Las Vegas, Secret Service agents in Cartagena, Fast and Furious and Last but Not Least. . . Immigration reform! But it's most crowning achievement, is how it totally exposes Obama Care as the the train wreck we now know it to be (If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor) Yea Right! You see there's a space on it called Health Care Tax, but when you land on it YOU DON'T PAY the Tax! Instead your opponents must equally share and pay the Tax For You, BUT... Anyone who owns Read Road or Lugosi Lane is Exempt, and DOES NOT have to pay their Fair Share of the Tax! Sound Familiar? You loved this game as a kid, & now you can appreciate it as an adult! The Saturday Night Live caliber satire is hands down, laugh out loud fun, and features all of your favorite "not ready for prime time politicians like, Harry Read & and Nancy Lugosi, (The blood sucking, "Nosferatù Vampire" from the west) Also, Joe the Plumber, Jeremiah Right, Bill Errors, Erick Holdurr, Hank Paulsin, Barnie Franks, and of course, our Top Gun Helicopter Pilot himself, Ben Barnakey. (The Names Were Changed to Protect me From the Guilty)! It's loaded with Tax Payer Tarp Funding, QE1 and QE2 and all of the "pay your fair share" and "spread the wealth" Fed stimulus you can handle! Follow us on Twitter at @ObamaOpoly / Returns: Request in 14 Days, Must be Unopened, Buyer pays Return Shipping costs and 10% restocking fee

UPC: 713757266239

EAN: 713757266239

Brand: Late for the Sky Games

Obama Monopoly Obamanopoly Limited Collectors 1st Edition"Let's Make America Great Again"
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