My First Lab i-Explore STEM Stereo Microscope

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  • AWARD WINNING MICROSCOPE - The My First Lab i-Explore Microscope is an Award Winning Microscope designed to allow the curious scientific mind to have a great experience right out of the box. Since the i-Explore is a Stereo microscope you can grab a rock, bug, leaf, action figure, or any household item and see it up close for inspection.
  • REAL GLASS OPTICS - My First Lab i-Explore Microscope uses real glass optics that are similar to what they would use for their Premiere brand medical microscopes. The i-Explore has a Binocular head which allows comfortable viewing with both eyes! No more squinting!
  • FEATURES - 20X Magnification, LED Illumination, Interchangeable Darkfield and Brightfield Stage Plate.
  • FIELD MICROSCOPE - Lightweight design is great for use outdoors. Excellent for a trip to the park, camping, boy scouts, girl scouts, science projects, and for viewing common everyday items close up! You will be amazed at all the things you can do with the i-Explore!
  • Interchangeable darkfield and brightfield stage plate
  • WARRANTY - One year manufacturers warranty to protect your investment in you child's learning.

Details: The I-Explore stereo-microscope, by people at My First Lab™, is arguably the best introductory stereo-microscope on the market today. This stereo microscope is the ideal tool for introducing future scientists to the world of microscopy and is suitable for users of all ages, turning everything around you into a potential specimen.



This stereo-microscope was specifically designed to provide the user with the best viewing experience and help get you on your way to viewing the world through a whole new perspective, down to the most minute details. Everything you would ever need would be right at your fingertips, whether you are in the back yard, the living room, or right into the classroom; the I-Explore offers you the best bang for your buck, without breaking the bank.

Everyday becomes a new adventure!
Science is defined as the search for truth and knowledge, however at times the search can prove to be quite boring. Now as most of you know, the best path to a successful education begins at home and is further enhanced by the presence of tools which turn boring old science into an exciting and memorable adventure. The I explorer will allow your young scientist. Everyday would turn into a new adventure, with this little guy by your side.

Why My First Lab™
The I-Explore features high-quality, real glass optics and will provide you and every user with a fantstic image every singe time. The I-Explore offers a binocular head, with two 10x eyepieces, a 20x objective, as well as a battery powered cool LED illumination system. This scope also features an acrylic, reversible stage plate, which is used based on the specimen viewed and the users preference.

What's In The Box?
1 - Stereo Microscope 2 - 10x Eyepieces 1 - reversible stage-plate

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Brand: My First Lab

My First Lab i-Explore STEM Stereo Microscope
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