Dog Paw Protection Wax and Snout Nectar

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Brand: Baely's Paw Shield


  • PROVEN PROTECTION AND RELIEF FOR DOGS PAWS: Baely's has been tested and proven effective in extreme conditions and tough environments on all kinds of dog paws including Mushers in cold, snowy conditions, Hikers in ruff mountain terrain and Walkers on the hot Atlanta, Georgia concrete.
  • PROMOTES HEALING WHILE PROTECTING: The premium ingredients in Baely's cover your dog's paws in a moisture nutrient-rich environment proven to promote quick healing of damaged, cracked paws. The all natural beeswax blend is designed to encapsulate your dog's paws and protect in hot and cold environments.
  • PRICE VERSUS COST: There is a difference between price and cost. We are not the cheapest paw product available -- we focus on providing the best value on the market. From our 50% larger size, our superior packaging and the proven effectiveness of our premium ingredients (all from the USA) - the Baely's difference is real. There is a purpose for everything we do and it shows in the quality of our product.
  • FAST ACTING FORMULA: Because we use only premium human-grade ingredients, you will see and feel the difference in your dog's paws. Baely's penetrates deep to moisturize and rejuvenate your dog's often-neglected paws and sensitive skin around the snout and face.
  • ALL NATURAL PREMIUM INGREDIENTS: Baely's Paw Shield uses premium, all natural, human grade ingredients. Only the best premium butters, waxes and oils are used from reputable FDA registered USA based suppliers.

Publisher: Lakepoint Asset Management, LLC


Why Baely's?

Scientifically engineered and proven protection for your dog's paws.

· Tested in Hot climates and Cold climates under the most extreme conditions, we protect better. We are designed for walkers, runners and mushers Secret Wax Blend made from the highest quality ingredients professionally compounded and engineered based on the science of motion.

· Baely's is engineered based on the coefficient of friction between your dog's paws and various surfaces. The beeswax blend was engineered to perform without degrading based on the heat build-up caused by friction and the melting point temperature of the secret blend of all natural beeswax and butters.

· Exotic healing butters were selected and imported based on their healing and antimicrobial characteristics, plus their natural hardness and lubrication.

· Baely's uses a secret blend of all natural beeswax and exotic all natural butters to provide the highest level of protection for your dog's paws.

· Fully safe, edible and non-toxic with zero paraffin waxes or harmful petroleum by products. Baely's is simply the best protection for your dog's paws.

· Baely's Brand Paw Shield Platinum Formula is an ultra-premium blend of all natural ingredients engineered to provide the most protection for your dog's paws on the market. Our proprietary blend of all natural ingredients has been custom-formulated using non-toxic, human-grade, high-performance hydrophobic materials that deliver superior protection for your dog's paws with no harmful or chemically derived components.

· Use this to repair dry, cracked and painful paws with all natural, fully edible ingredients. Baely's Paw Shield is the highest quality protection available for your dog's paws, nose or any exposed skin.

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Package Dimensions: 3.4 x 3.3 x 1.1 inches

Dog Paw Protection Wax and Snout Nectar
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