Derby Originals Hydro Cooling Dog Jacket, Reflects Heat & Keeps Dogs Cool for up to 10 Hours (Royal Blue, 18")

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Brand: Derby Originals

Color: Blue


  • DESIGNED WITH YOUR DOG'S COMFORT IN MIND - our innovative hydro cooling jacket was designed to remain cool for up to 10+ hours when wet, without making your dog damp and uncomfortable. These coats instead provide cooling relief in hot weather
  • PROTECTS AGAINST UV RAYS - these coats not only protects against heat, but harmful UV rays from the sun as well. If you're looking for UV protection that won't add bulk and overheat your dog, these coats are perfect for you.
  • DESIGNED TO PREVENT OVERHEATING - these coats are great for longer haired, double-coated, or brachycephalic breeds who are prone to overheating, heat stress, and heat exhaustion. Keeping your dog cool with this coat could potentially save their life!
  • LIGHT WEIGHT THREE-LAYER DESIGN - this jacket is made of a three layer, ultra-thin, quilted material. The outer layer reflects heat and evaporates water, the middle layer absorbs and retains water, and the inner layer repels water.
  • SOOTHES SORE MUSCLES AND JOINTS - another benefit of this cooling jacket is that it can be used to cool and soothe sore joints and muscles, or relieve arthritis pain in dog. The powerful cooling action of this coat acts like an ice pack and provides instant cooling relief.

Publisher: Derby Originals

Details: This new design features 3 layers of ultra thin materials work together in our Hydro Cooling Dog Jacket to keep your dog cool in hot weather! The tall collar helps to shade your dog’s neck from the sun while simultaneously cooling it with the natural power of evaporating water! Simply submerge the coat in water, then wring the excess water before you put it on your dog. This will keep your dog cool for up to 10 hours as the water gradually evaporates

EAN: 1002350413720

Package Dimensions: 16.1 x 12.0 x 4.3 inches

Derby Originals Hydro Cooling Dog Jacket, Reflects Heat & Keeps Dogs Cool for up to 10 Hours (Royal Blue, 18")
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