AI 300 Watt Hot Glue Gun ,High Output Professional Adjustable Switch High Temperature Industrial Adhesive Hot Melt Glue Guns ; Yellow

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  • 1. 【FAST WARM UP 】: Anyyion hot glue gun heats up in 2~5 minutes.Numerous safety feature- Including Smart Temperature Control, Internal Safety Fuse to Prevent Overheating, LED On/Off Display, All While Being Energy Efficient,incredibly fast warm up peiod- ready to Use in As Little as 2~5 minutes! Smart Temperature Control Keeps it at a Consistent Reliable Temperature;
  • 2.【PERFECT FOR 100's Of DIY HOUSEHOLD TASKS】: This hot glue gun 150~300-Watt adjustable switch for big projects. Great for wood, metal, plastic, paper, leather, fabric, magnets, ceramics, glass, decorations, frames, DIY projects, school projects and more!
  • 3. 【 POWERFUL AND SAFE 】 : Dual wattage option allows for light and heavy duty jobs. Features a 110-240 voltage and 50-60Hz Trigger Feed. Anti-overheating case with thermal insulation on the handle completed with a button to allow for safe switching between uses;
  • 4.【 PROFESSIONAL AND EASY TO USE】: Beautiful white design made for casual and experienced users featuring built in indicator and flip down stand. Simply insert glue stick and glue away! Red and Green indicator light for 60watts;
  • 5.【 Hot Glue Gun Product Dimensions】 10.4 x8.5 x 1.5 inches; Item Weight: 1.32 pounds;Cable length: 55 inch Product;

Details: 1.Anyyion Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit is an easy use adhesive tool not only in DIY crafts making but also in daily quick repairs.

2.The glue sticks come with the Anyyion Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit is environmental-friendly, it has super strong adhesive when glue between 2 different parts, but easy to clean when forced apart these 2 stickup parts, it will always keep your items clean.

About hot melt glue gun:
Material: Plastic & cuprum
Working power: 150~300W
Working voltage: 100 to 230V
Working temperature: 356 to 392℉
Nozzle diameter: 0.070-0.078 inch
Warm-up time: 2~5 minutes
Cable length:55 inch
Size:10.4 inch*8.5 inch*1.5 inch
Color: yellow
Diameter of the glue strips should be 11mm.

Warm Prompt:
1. Keep clean of the glue sticks to avoid impurity block the nozzle, and do not pull out of the remanent glue sticks after each time using.
2. To avoid get an electric shock during using, do not use in humid environment and keep it away from children.
3. The remaining pressure inside the glue gun will push a little molten glue out of the gun even stop use, so to save your glue, please control release the trigger or cut off the power in advance.
4. Cut off the power when stop using, and never try to disassemble the melt glue gun in any case.

Packing List:
1* Melt Glue Gun

Brand: Anyyion

AI 300 Watt Hot Glue Gun ,High Output Professional Adjustable Switch High Temperature Industrial Adhesive Hot Melt Glue Guns ; Yellow
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