10 Ft. Tall Break-Apart Vertical Slip Fit Upright (For Pipe and Drape Displays and Backdrops)

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  • Break apart design creates two sections: a 4 ft. 4"H top and a 6 ft. H bottom. The 4" piece from the top section has a smaller diameter allowing it to slip inside of the top of the bottom section
  • When put together the upright is a standard 10 foot high (120") upright with a 1.5" diameter
  • 4 slots in the top allow for various angles and display configurations and an additional set of slots at 8 ft. and 3 ft. high to make trade show booths or smaller enclosures
  • The recommended base plate size for this upright is 18" x 18" with pin for 1.5" diameter Upright (base & pin not included): http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00SJF9YO6
  • Heavy gauge aluminum means less weight but extreme durability

Details: Our break apart series of pipe is perfect for those who travel and do not have car space to fit traditional 10 ft. uprights. The break apart upright turns two shorter sections (one section is approximately 6 ft. tall and the other section is 4 ft. 4") into a standard 10 ft. upright in just seconds! Easy to set-up, take down, store, and transport. This durable aluminum Slip Fit upright sets the height of your pipe and drape display in our classic silver finish. It is the vertical pipe that is located at each end of a horizontal drape support rod. The height when both pieces are connected is 10 feet (or 120") tall with a 1.5" diameter. The hollow opening in the bottom of the Upright slides over the pin attached to the Slip Fit Base (base and pin sold separately). These Uprights feature 4 slots cut at 90-degree angles at the top and again at the 8 ft. and 3 ft. high level. These slots act as the entrance point for the hooks in our drape support rods. This gives you the ability to have a variety of display configurations from linear (in line) to L-shaped, T-shaped to booths, and enclosed squares. Most of our products are made and fabricated right here in the USA. If you don't see what you're looking for please visit our store and send us an email. We have an extensive inventory of items in stock and ready to ship. Our sales department has the best people in the business and we would love to hear from you!

UPC: 640052877467

EAN: 0640052877467

Brand: P.D.O.

10 Ft. Tall Break-Apart Vertical Slip Fit Upright (For Pipe and Drape Displays and Backdrops)
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